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Mondaze, Happy Columbus Day dolls. Let's enjoy it while we can. Apparently soon it will no longer be a holiday. I heard it was already implemented in California. No days off of work or school on our west coast. Not sure how factual this information is but thought I'd share. Doesn't really affect me anyhow. [...]

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Clothing Haul #13 Open Lazy Sundays, I hope everyone had a great weekend despite our still not summer least here in Ny. We've been having the most bipolar weather ever. It seems like the seasons are just changing. If it starts staying colder longer and we start getting an even shorter summer that's when I'm leaving [...]

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Clothing Haul Giveaway#12!!! Surprise Surprise Happy Easter everyone, In the spirit of Easter what better was to spend it than with family, friends, food and of course a giveaway = ) This was a little bonus surprise giveaway as a thank you for hitting 2,000 subscribers yay!!!! Theresa and I are beyond happy and excited and above everything [...]

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Spring makeup for beginners tutorial =) TGIF! Hello my luvs, As promised we we did something a little different for this weeks video. I did a talk through tutorial, natural glam Spring look and a little something extra in the end for you guys = D Let us know down below if you guys liked this better and [...]

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#workoutforbeginnersgoodiebaggiveaway Finally! Thirsty Thursdays, Almost thru the week guys. This week was definitely one from hell for me lol but I'm grateful that it's almost over and I will now have time to myself to regroup. I love people but sometimes you just need a mental break from everyone. This is why this workout video [...]

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Spring Makeup for Beginner #goodiebaggiveaway Happy Saturday my luvs, So sorry the video went up a day late. Theresa and I have been working a lot more than normal and I'm getting my house ready so I can finally move in. It's been a little hectic needless to say. But the video is live now so make sure [...]

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