Too Faced Boss Lady Agenda and Palette

Happy Valentines Day! To all our people in relationships, living that sexy single life and to all those who are in "it's complicated situations" lol. Enjoy. We have a tutorial for you guys along with a whole Valentines Day look using this palette and an outfit and hair for you guys. The look I went [...]

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Happy Halloween Besties! Wow, we're so on a roll. I hope we can keep this up! We hope everyone had a fabulous day and lots of Halloween fun. It's been so freezing out I couldn't really enjoy the day as much as I wanted to. I can't stand being outside when it's cold. We were [...]

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Wheel of Beauty Giveaway Winner Announcement July 2017 Happy Sunday besties! So we were a little late posting our wheel of beauty winner we apologize for that. Things got a little hectic and you know how life just gets in the way sometimes. Between work, moving and filming it's a been a little tough. Not to mention both Theresa and [...]

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It’s Sephora Haul Time ladies!   Happy Friday Beauties, I'm not sure what it is about Sephora hauls but they're so much fun and so exciting for us to do and watch other youtubers do!! Jess got so many goodies this time I just have to get some of the things she purchased myself. I love seeing what other [...]

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Sephora Favorites = D

First let me just start off with saying how freaking cute is Sassy in this pic?!? She's a Morkie which is half Maltese and half Yorkie. She's the one we mostly have in our Youtube videos. She loves being on camera. We're both into perfumes and this is a great way to try new scents. [...]

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“Sephora Hacks 101”

If you missed out youtube video on Sephora hacks 101 you will be pleasantly surprised by some of the awesome hacks in this video. Sephora is full with awesome products that we all agree we love. These sephora hacks are fantastic whether your looking to purchase something for yourself or your favorite sister or bestfriend. [...]

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