Giveaway Announcement Winners = D

Happy Monday! Good morning besties! The fact that I've been up since 6am is crazy! I have a continuing education real estate class at 9am and I woke up way to early for it lol. Thanksgiving is right around the corner. My sister and I went shopping for all the ingredients we are going to [...]

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Sneaky Vaunt Bra Review and Giveaway 2017

What's up Besties, I'm sure everyone has heard of sneakyvaunt.comΒ It's one of those products that took social media by storm. Everyone from celebrities like Amber Rose (which is one of the reason I bought it) to Sada Bettencourt from reality TV shows was advertising it like crazy. It really seemed like the solve all problems [...]

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Clothing Haul Giveaway#12!!! Surprise Surprise Happy Easter everyone, In the spirit of Easter what better was to spend it than with family, friends, food and of course a giveaway = ) This was a little bonus surprise giveaway as a thank you for hitting 2,000 subscribers yay!!!! Theresa and I are beyond happy and excited and above everything [...]

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Beauty Resolutions 2017   Happy Monday Loves, I hope you all had a great Monday. It's been one of those so cold I don't want to get out of the bed and do anything days. But of course like most of us that's not possible. We filmed this video in the beginning of the year and [...]

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