What's up besties!!! Almost the end of the week. I can't wait for Thanksgiving! I miss seeing my family so much. Lately I've just been working non stop so I can't wait for this small break. Just reminding you all to enter this awesome NYX giveaway. We also just finished filming all the winners for [...]

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Blue vs. Brown Eye Tutorial (talk through)

http:/https://youtu.be/YYzyW0OU2RI TGIF! Even though my week is far from over I'm very happy it's Friday. I hope everyone had a great and productive week. Just wanted to share with you guys a video Theresa and I filmed awhile ago. Since we've been doing more tutorials lately I wanted to show you guys the different [...]

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Experience Generation Beauty by Ipsy with us!

https://youtu.be/sT4ideP75v4   Hi gorgeous, We are so happy you are with us this beautiful Wednesday! Our new video is up from our first makeup event which was hosted by Michelle Phan who we had the honors to see at the event along with many other fabulous youtubers. It was a neat experience and we tried [...]

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April Favorites 2016

In this video we are still wearing out dramatic makeup from our Bratz Dolls inspired tutorial. Also my lips are still a little swollen from the juvenex, but for some reason on camera and video it looks extra crazy =D however I'm very happy with my new lips! Click here to watch our April favorites [...]

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