Too Faced Boss Lady Agenda and Palette

Happy Valentines Day! To all our people in relationships, living that sexy single life and to all those who are in "it's complicated situations" lol. Enjoy. We have a tutorial for you guys along with a whole Valentines Day look using this palette and an outfit and hair for you guys. The look I went [...]

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What's up besties!!! Almost the end of the week. I can't wait for Thanksgiving! I miss seeing my family so much. Lately I've just been working non stop so I can't wait for this small break. Just reminding you all to enter this awesome NYX giveaway. We also just finished filming all the winners for [...]

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Happy Halloween Besties! Wow, we're so on a roll. I hope we can keep this up! We hope everyone had a fabulous day and lots of Halloween fun. It's been so freezing out I couldn't really enjoy the day as much as I wanted to. I can't stand being outside when it's cold. We were [...]

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Makeup Haul It Cosmetics and More

Rainy Sundays, I know it's September but we're only 3 days in and it already feels like October. Well it's official. Bye Bye summer. You guys know how much I'm looking forward to Fall though. Pumpkin season yay = D I was watching QVC one day and they were selling It cosmetics. We're both huge [...]

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How to apply eyeliner like a pro simple and quick using L’Oreal Telescopic eyeliner and Giveaway

Sunday Funday! Hello besties, it's Sunday! My favorite day of the week. I can finally relax and just write and sort through my thoughts and get all my errands done. Our video on how to apply liquid eyeliner using Loreal's telescopic eyeliner which also happens to be a drugstore product is up. We both used [...]

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Spring makeup for beginners tutorial =) TGIF! Hello my luvs, As promised we we did something a little different for this weeks video. I did a talk through tutorial, natural glam Spring look and a little something extra in the end for you guys = D Let us know down below if you guys liked this better and [...]

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Spring Makeup for Beginner #goodiebaggiveaway Happy Saturday my luvs, So sorry the video went up a day late. Theresa and I have been working a lot more than normal and I'm getting my house ready so I can finally move in. It's been a little hectic needless to say. But the video is live now so make sure [...]

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Clothing Haul Giveaway#9 TGIF! My favorite day of the week is here and I know you are all with me! I hope everyone had a productive week and now for some downtime. First let me just start off by saying thank you to everyone for all the birthday wishes. You guys all showed me so much [...]

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