Giveaway Announcement Winners = D

Happy Monday! Good morning besties! The fact that I've been up since 6am is crazy! I have a continuing education real estate class at 9am and I woke up way to early for it lol. Thanksgiving is right around the corner. My sister and I went shopping for all the ingredients we are going to [...]

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Summer Clothing Haul Giveaway 2017 #16 TGIF! What's up besties! Hope everyones week was fab. It's rainy and extremely humid out here in NYC. Our summer clothing haul is live. This is another good one. Bathing suits and a ton of cute shorts. Everything is in a size small or medium. We're both 5'4. You can always donate [...]

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Holiday Gift Ideas = D

http:/ Lazy Sundays, Hello my loves. I hope everyone had a great weekend and is ready for the week to come. With all the holiday madness I for one can't wait for it to be over. I'm still not finished with Christmas shopping. For those of you who are last minute like me, check [...]

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Our Generation Beauty Ipsy Haul 2016

http:/ Happy Humpday, Almost through the week. I don't know about you guys but December has got to be hands down one of the craziest months for me. Between the holidays and work it's on another level of crazy. I still haven't gone Christmas shopping yet yikes. I haven't found the time yet. I'll [...]

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http:/ Everything Haul Time, TGIF everyone! I don't know about you but boy am I glad this week from hell is OVER! So Theresa and I have been super busy and all over the place, we didn't even have time to film this week which never happens. We shot this clothing haul a few [...]

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DIY Color Switch by Vera Mona Brush Cleaner!

http:/ Happy Saturday, I'm sure you guys have all heard of the color switch brush cleaner. It's that nifty little tool that allows you to clean your brush on the go. It's great for makeup artists doing multiple people at once or even if you're just starting out with makeup and don't have many [...]

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