Victoria Secrets Giveaway

Mondaze, Happy Columbus Day dolls. Let's enjoy it while we can. Apparently soon it will no longer be a holiday. I heard it was already implemented in California. No days off of work or school on our west coast. Not sure how factual this information is but thought I'd share. Doesn't really affect me anyhow. [...]

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Makeup Haul It Cosmetics and More

Rainy Sundays, I know it's September but we're only 3 days in and it already feels like October. Well it's official. Bye Bye summer. You guys know how much I'm looking forward to Fall though. Pumpkin season yay = D I was watching QVC one day and they were selling It cosmetics. We're both huge [...]

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How to apply eyeliner like a pro simple and quick using L’Oreal Telescopic eyeliner and Giveaway

Sunday Funday! Hello besties, it's Sunday! My favorite day of the week. I can finally relax and just write and sort through my thoughts and get all my errands done. Our video on how to apply liquid eyeliner using Loreal's telescopic eyeliner which also happens to be a drugstore product is up. We both used [...]

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Giveaway Winners Announcements

What's up besties! Very excited to announce our giveaway winners for two giveaways. The HUGE swimsuit that was so generously gifted to us by one of our girlfriends who is the owner of the fabulous bikini line and her Instagram is here if you would like to check out her stuff. The other giveaway that we [...]

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Wheel of Beauty Giveaway Winner Announcement July 2017 Happy Sunday besties! So we were a little late posting our wheel of beauty winner we apologize for that. Things got a little hectic and you know how life just gets in the way sometimes. Between work, moving and filming it's a been a little tough. Not to mention both Theresa and [...]

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