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Happy Saturday!

Hello besties. I hope everyone is having an awesome start to their weekend. Mine has been so far. I woke up full of energy and ready to start the day and get tons of things done. We’re so sorry for being a little late with our videos. Unfortunately we both fell off towards the end August. We just got very busy with our other work that pays the bills lol and life. Don’t worry though we came back strong with another Spring/Fall clothing haul and right on time. It’s straight Fall here in NYC. Very chilly already.


This clothing haul is definitely one of my favorites because it’s filled with all my favorite type of clothes. I LOVE Fall clothes I think even more than summer clothes dare I say. It’s because I’m a jeans and hoodie type of girl. I can wear jeans all day every day. Theresa is not a fan of jeans but I sure am. Jeans and leggings with sweaters. That’s just what I feel the most comfortable in. We also have a leather jacket that we threw in for you guys. Yes you heard me right. A leather jacket that’s barely been used and a bunch of cute blazers perfect for business wear.


Make sure you check that out and share this video with anyone else that you think may want to enter for a chance to win. Next week we will be announcing the winners for the wheel of beauty and the rest of the clothing haul giveaways. You definitely don’t want to miss that. Blessings to everyone that’s in Florida and the Caribbean. Our thoughts and prayers are with you through this horrible time. I have friends out there and certain parts of Florida are being evacuated due to hurricane Irma. Love you guys, enjoy the rest of your weekend and we’ll see you in our next post or video.


Jess n T


Makeup Haul It Cosmetics and More

Rainy Sundays,

I know it’s September but we’re only 3 days in and it already feels like October. Well it’s official. Bye Bye summer. You guys know how much I’m looking forward to Fall though. Pumpkin season yay = D I was watching QVC one day and they were selling It cosmetics. We’re both huge fans of It Cosmetics and since we’re moving towards the green side of things. We’re not just doing that with what we put in our body but also with what we put on our body… so in all aspects of life ; )


The problem with completely switching to healthy clean makeup that doesn’t have any chemicals for me was that it didn’t work or stay on as long as my other cosmetics that did have the chemicals. I mean that’s why they put all that crap in there. To preserve it. It Cosmetics products are not only made without parabeans and talc. It’s also fragrance free. It is full of anti-aging ingredients and peptides like hydrolyzed collagen, grapeseed, olive, hyaluronic acid, rose, aloe, niacin and silk and vitamins a, c and e. It was developed with plastic surgeons so it’s rich with antioxidants.


Such a huge fan and I also found a new favorite product that I can’t go without. It’s their best selling Bye Bye Redness Neutralizing Correcting Cream It’s so fabulous and a little goes a long way so it will last you a very long time. Just like all their other products. I still have the sample sizes of the bye bye undereye cream and I use it every time I do my makeup. You can shop any of the products we mention on amazon. I actually found a few of them cheaper on Amazon than in Sephora so double score.

Love you guys and we’ll see you in our next video or post.


Jess n T



Fall Winter Clothing Haul Giveaway 🏆🛍👗


What’s up besties! We have a new clothing haul up with all fall and winter clothes. All types of comfy goodies just in time for the fall season. I don’t know about you guys but I’ve been feeling our nights getting chilly out here in NYC. Fall is literally right around the corner. Im excited for it I have to say. As much as I LOVE summer and always get sad when it leaves because it happens WAYYYY to quickly. Fall is one of my favorite seasons and I get to do all of my favorite things = )


Dressing up for Halloween and all the parties. Pumpkin and apple picking. All the yummy fall cooking and baking. I love anything with pumpkins. It’s so delicious and you guys know how much of a sweet tooth I have so I go a little overboard with the pumpkin pies lol.


Good luck on this giveaway. Make sure you enter through the gleam link and share this video with your bestie. We have a few more clothing hauls coming up and some other fun things requested by you. Can’t wait for you guys to see those. If you follow us on Instagram I just posted on our story me writing this blog while T’s out in Vegas. I wish I could have gone with her but I have to much stuff going on that I couldn’t make it this trip. She’s going to have a great time though and I’ll miss her until she gets back. Love and appreciate all of you guys. We’ll see you in our next post or video : *


Jess n T

Sneaky Vaunt Bra and CandyLipz Winner Announcement 🎉

Announcement video!

Hello my loves we’re back with just a really quick announcement video for our sneaky vaunt and candylipz giveaways. Remember (I feel like a broken record saying this) we give a 24 hour turn timeframe to reach out to us with your mailing address to claim your prize. It’s unfortunate that some of our winners don’t watch the announcement giveaway videos and don’t reach out to us in time and we have to repick.


If you enter any giveaways always watch the announcement ones because you could be one of the winners that never got back to us so we had to pick someone else. We really hate when that happens especially when we hear back from you days even weeks later and it’s to late. We’re just as anxious as you to get everything out to you as quickly as possible we promise and we send the gifts out immediately after we get your address.


We have some more clothing haul giveaways coming up for you dolls. We can’t wait for you to see those. Some real great items including a leather jacket : ) Since Fall will be here before you know it we have more jeans and sweaters for you. We also wanted to quickly address a comment Theresa made in this video that we left in the video because she didn’t mean anything bad by it it. You guys know how Theresa always jokes around and calls herself milky and whitey and she hates her complexion so much because of it. She always says she wishes she had my coloring or that she was black. Well she said that in the video that she finally looked dark and she was happy about it and she wishes she was half black. We had one of our dear subscribers want us to explain it so here it is. We could care less about a persons skin tone or any nationalities and are no where near racist. I’m 100% hispanic and Theresa is European and we have friends from all over and don’t ever discriminate which is why Theresa feels comfortable saying certain things.  I explained to her that she can’t anymore because even though we know she means nothing by it unfortunately that is not the kind of world we live in and we have to be more mindful of our words. We never want to offend anyone. That is never our intentions.

Love you guys and we’ll see you in our next post or video!


Jess n T



The Lace Lover Clothing Haul Giveaway 2017 👗 🛍


As promised we’re back with another clothing haul and this is a sexy lace one. Theresa and I absolutely LOVE anything lace. We both have a shopping problem and we mostly shop online so whenever we get something that doesn’t fit or complement us we give it away. Before our YouTube channel I used to give my stuff away to my sister and girlfriends. Goodwill and the church were next. We’re so lucky to have this outlet to be able to give our stuff to you lovebugs!


I swear nothing makes us happier than getting pictures of you guys with the clothes on and telling us how much you appreciate and love everything. It’s an indescribable feeling. If you follow us on IG I wrote in the caption that we’re so animated in this video.


I so wasn’t kidding. We had WAYYYY to much coffee. Whenever we film we try and give you guys our best natural energy and sometimes we need a little help which is where caffeine comes into play lol. We really hope you enjoy this video and as always share this video with a girlfriend and good luck.


Always look out for our giveaway announcement videos. We just posted one yesterday for the previous two giveaways. We give a 24 hour turn around and all you guys have to do is email us your mailing address. You guys have gotten so much better at getting back to us in time. It’s so horrible when the winner doesn’t reach out and we have to repick. Love you guys and we’ll see you in our next video or post.


Jess n T

My Clothing Haul Giveaway #19 Fashion Nova, Guess and More 👗


As promised 2nd clothing haul back to back! Remember all our clothes are sized small to medium. There’s a mix of everything in this one as well. You guys are going to love this one = D We’re also going to be announcing the winners for the last clothing hauls. Make sure you tune in for that to find out if you or someone you know is the lucky winner. We also have to announce the winner for last months wheel of beauty. We’re a little behind on that we know.


We really want to keep on doing more product review videos. We saw how much you guys loved the sneaky vaunt one. Suggestions are always welcomed. We want to continue to grow and give you guys great content. Now as we get more and more settled into our new filming space, we have a lot more room to do practically anything. We want to do cooking videos and diy projects for you dolls and of course our fitness videos that we’ve been dying to do.


Love you guys and we hope you enjoy this giveaway and have a fabulous weekend. We only have a few weeks left of summer here in NY so lets all take advantage of that and get in as many beach and pool days as we can. See you in our next video or post.


Jess n T

Clothing Haul Giveaway #18 Fashion Nova, Wanelo and More 👗

Happy Thursday,

Hello dolls! We’re back with two back to back clothing haul giveaways. I swear we LOVE giving away our stuff and new stuff that’s just taking up space. It’s such a liberating feeling. It’s purging for real and it feels even better when we hear back from all of you telling us how much you love everything or how much you were in need and we put a smile on your face. I swear nothing beats that feeling.


That’s an empowering feeling if I’ve ever felt one. For us it feels better to give gifts over receiving gifts any day. Definitely more fulfilling.  All of our clothes are sized small to medium. Theresa jokes that some of her stuff is in a size large but she’s totally kidding. Remember you can enter all giveaways even if you have won previously. There are two giveaways in one. My box(Jess) and Theresa’s box. You can enter both as well.


Remember to invite your girlfriends or anyone else who might benefit. We all know someone who is less fortunate and it would be great if someone who’s in real need wins. I think that would make us all SOOOOOO happy.


Jess n T

Candylipz Lip Plumping Without Lip Injection Product Review + Tutorial + Giveaway 2017


We’re on a roll with the product review videos! Woo hoo so proud of us. Remember guys if you have any hot new products that you want us to review, let us know because we are ALL over that. I’m sure you all heard of candylipz. That new product promising to plump your lips and after continued use your lips stay plumped to a certain extent. Well let me start of by saying that yes this product actually works. It’s a suction for your lips so the idea is to keep it on for about 3 minutes (or as long as you can take it) and then your lips will be bigger


They do warn you that it may leave bruising and a mark around your mouth, a hickey to be exact lol. We both got the marks and bruising but they did go away rather quickly. Theresa actually bleed a little lol. She didn’t even notice until I pointed it out lol. That’s just T. She has a high threshold for pain. Anyhow while this does work it’s just a little to much work for us. You’re supposed to do this a few times a day to see consistent results. We both don’t have time for that. Theresa said she will continue to get lip injections which I agree seems like the better option because it’s one and done. I would to but I’m still chicken to do it but one day I will give it a go.


We hope you guys liked this review and if you have time and want this product or know someone who does don’t forget to enter this giveaway through the gleam link in the description bar. We love you guys and hope you found this video helpful and useful. We have some more product reviews coming up and some clothing hauls too. Love each and every one of you and we’ll see you in our next video.


Jess n T

Sneaky Vaunt Bra Review and Giveaway 2017

What’s up Besties,

I’m sure everyone has heard of sneakyvaunt.com It’s one of those products that took social media by storm. Everyone from celebrities like Amber Rose (which is one of the reason I bought it) to Sada Bettencourt from reality TV shows was advertising it like crazy. It really seemed like the solve all problems for us girls who struggle to achieve that perfect cleavage look with certain backless dresses or shirts. Lets face it. Certain outfits look extremely tacky with a bra and you’re left with two options. Either wear a strapless bra that is usually extremely unflattering because it has to be tighter than usual to stay on and then in turn smashes everything down. Or you can go braless which is also difficult because who wants to go around unsupported and flashing everyone.


For girls who have implants this really isn’t an issue for them bc they stay perfectly perky all the time. But for us natural boob girls we need the support. Especially if we have kids or are older and they’re just not where they used to be anymore. Then this little puppy came along and I was sooooooo excited when it did and was dying to try it. I wear a ton of backless dresses and shirts so this was right up my alley. There have been times where I couldn’t wear something I really liked because of the bra situation.


So I ordered two in each color. Nude and black to go with everything. Now keep in mind that these stay on you by adhesive. I ordered it in the beginning of summer and was obsessed right away. That is until time passed and I started sweating and the adhesive started loosening and slipping off. I had to keep on fixing it and it was REALLY annoying. I tried it a few more times after that with the same problem. For me it was a nay because of this issue but I am going to give it another shot come winter. I’m not sure if anyone else had this issue but it was a constant for me. Tune in to watch Theresa’s demonstration and review on the product. Her thoughts on it are different. We also have a giveaway at the end of video. If you or someone you know has been dying to try this bra and don’t want to spend the money on it. Enter to win. This bra is in cup size C. Good luck and we’ll see you in our next post or video.


Jess n T