Clothing Haul Giveaway 2018!!! 3 in 1 Giveaway

Hello my loves,

Oh how I missed you : ) We know we’ve been MIA but we came back strong with some new clothing haul giveaways for you loves. This one is a three in one and you can enter all three and if your name is picked you can win all three. We’re almost done with all the giveaways and after we’re going to do a lot more product reviews and tips and tricks that we use to stay in shape.

With all of the holidays (and I’m sure you guys can relate) Theresa and I were eating everything and anything non stop lol. We’re back on track and being each others motivation to eat right and consistently keep working out. We definitely gained a few holiday happy pounds lol. We also want to do some more health related type videos. For example how eating certain foods or drinks benefit you.

Little easy things that we can add to our every day routine and how continuous use will turn it into a lifestyle. That’s what we all want right? A healthier, cleaner lifestyle. Lets face it…when you look good, you feel good and that’s reality.There’s nothing like being at the tope of your game both mentally and physically. It’s an indescribable feeling that just makes you feel so incredible and good about yourself which is why we are going to start implementing more videos like that into our channel.

Let us know your thoughts down below. Love you gusy and we’ll see you soon : *


Jess n T

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