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Giveaway Announcement Winners = D

Happy Monday!

Good morning besties! The fact that I’ve been up since 6am is crazy! I have a continuing education real estate class at 9am and I woke up way to early for it lol. Thanksgiving is right around the corner. My sister and I went shopping for all the ingredients we are going to need this turkey day. We’re doing Thanksgiving at my house for the first time yay so excited. Can’t wait to spend time with my family that I haven’t really been seeing because I’ve been working sooooooo much.


We announced the winners last week for some of the giveaways as promised! You guys were so awesome in getting back to us right away. We only had to repick for two original winners that didn’t reach out. Everything is getting shipped out today and hopefully you dolls will have it in time for Thanksgiving! we mentioned in our video that we have a ton more clothing haul giveaways coming up. I swear we can’t do enough of them.


This video makes me crack up because Theresa is all glammed up and looking gorgeous like she’s going to a wedding and I’m in sweats looking like a tomboy lol. The ying and the yang people! We love you guys so much. We can’t thank you enough for all your continued love and support for our channel. We see all the shares on all social media platforms! We will continue to do these giveaways because that’s our way of showing our support! Have a great week and Happy Thanksgiving! We have so much to be thankful for = D


Jess n T


What’s up besties!!!

Almost the end of the week. I can’t wait for Thanksgiving! I miss seeing my family so much. Lately I’ve just been working non stop so I can’t wait for this small break. Just reminding you all to enter this awesome NYX giveaway. We also just finished filming all the winners for the wheel of beauty for last month and this month and some of the giveaways woohoo. Be on the lookout for that video. It will be going up sometime this week.


Remember we give a 24 hour turn around for all winners to get back to me via email with your address. If we don’t hear from you we will be forced to repick a new winner. We also have a TON of giveaways coming your way. You guys know how we’re blessed to have so many amazingly strong beautiful women inside and out in our lives. Well one of our girlfriends gave us a bag of gorgeous most of it brand new clothes to do a giveaway on.


We also have so many great holiday videos coming your way and reviews on some hot new products that we have been using as well as our latest beauty secrets and what’ve we’ve been taking to help keep out stomachs flat and our bodies regulated. Can’t wait to share all that new info with you guys.

Love you to pieces!


Jess nT


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Monday just got better ; )

Good morning dolls. New Fitness clothes giveaway video is now live on our channel. Make sure you enter to win through the gleam link in the description bar. We will be announcing the winners for the previous giveaway videos if not this week definitely next. We will also be announcing the winner for the wheel of beauty. We’re so on a roll with these giveaways! High five for us. Remember to look out for the announcement video. New rule, well it’s always been a rule we just haven’t been implementing it as much as we should have.


We are giving you 24 hours to contact us via email @ jessicantheresa@gmail.com and if you don’t contact us we will repick a different winner. You guys have been getting back to us in time with the exception of the Halloween giveaway. But that was a little different because it was so rushed and we had to pick a winner to get it out to you by Halloween. The reason we ask you to contact us through email is because we don’t see all the comments on Youtube. A lot of it is sometimes randomly spammed and our Dm’s on Instagram gets flooded and put into a separate folder that we never see. Email is the best way to reach us.


We love you guys so much. Thank you all for your continued love and support. We see all the love and shares in our back office. It means so much to us that we can touch your lives in any small way : ) Remember to be on the look out for the announcement video. It will be up this week or next. 24 hours to respond to us via email if you’re the winner.


Jess n T




Happy Halloween Besties!

Wow, we’re so on a roll. I hope we can keep this up! We hope everyone had a fabulous day and lots of Halloween fun. It’s been so freezing out I couldn’t really enjoy the day as much as I wanted to. I can’t stand being outside when it’s cold. We were spoiled AF with this warm weather that we were having. Now it’s gone : ( and for good this time I think. So this new giveaway that we’re having is all about the beauty. We’ve been doing so many clothing hauls that we had to throw in a beauty one.


I know you can’t really see what the box says that I’m holding up. Sorry about that but you’re going to LOVE it. Perfect addition to your night stand. We also included some face masks that are a necessity! Especially now this time of year when the weather is soooo cold and we need a little extra moisture. I have oily skin but now with the change of weather I’ve been getting dry spots in the most random places. Moisturize moisturize moisturize! Can’t go without it and drink plenty of water. Another thing I’ve been slacking on ugh!


Don’t forget to share this video with a friend. The Halloween giveaway got a little crazy. Since it was a 24 hour only giveaway and we needed the winner to get back to us ASAP so we could get the gift out the next day in time for Halloween we had a few girls get back to us after the fact. That won’t happen again. We’re back with our regularly timed giveaways. You have 24 hours to respond to us by EMAIL with your address after the winners are announced. We say always to respond to us by email because not everyone has Instagram and it’s just the best way for us to also make sure the rightful winner is emailing us back with the same email that they entered the contest with. You guys wouldn’t believe some of the craziness we have been experiencing.

Love you guys. As always be safe and we will see you in our next post or giveaway = D


Jess n T


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Fall Essentials Clothing Haul Giveaway! Still Time To Enter

Happy Halloween Eve dolls!

If you’re like me you probably had your Halloween fun already this weekend. I sure did. So much in fact that I barely took any pictures! That’s how you know you’re really enjoying life when you can’t be bothered to take pics lol. The 24 hour Halloween Costume giveaway was announced and mailed out to the winners. They will have it just in time for Halloween. Congrats to them. We’re so happy we were able to make your Halloween a little more enjoyable with some new costumes to pick.


There’s still time to enter the the other great giveaways we have going on. Make sure you enter through the gleam link if you still haven’t. We will be announcing the winners very soon. Youtube has been so funky lately. It take forever just to have a video uploaded and also not getting notifications unless you have it turned on. So make sure you have your notifications on. Especially for the announcement videos. There’s nothing worse than announcing the winners for a giveaway and not getting a response back and having to pick again.


I hope you all have a very happy and safe Halloween. Be on the lookout for new videos because we have a ton of those coming up for you. Love you guys and we’ll see you in our next post or video.



Jess n T


Hello beauties,

We have another super sexy giveaway that just went up yesterday for you dolls. We could not decide for the life of us what to call it. Theresa wanted to call it 50 Shades Of Grey but I told her no because it wasn’t all grey lol. She wanted to call it that because all the pieces are sexy dresses. Most of it is brand new and doesn’t fit us. It’s such a shame because they are so beautiful and sexy and just our style. It’s perfect for you guys though = D


Remember to enter through the gleam link and share this video with a friend. We love seeing you guys happy and winning. We’re so sorry for those of you who have not won yet. It breaks our hearts that each and every one of you can’t win at least once. The only way for it to be fair is for gleam to randomly pick the winner. Thank you guys so much for your patience. YouTube takes forever to upload lately.


Of course I had to include some silly shots of the two of us. We have so much fun filming together. I swear our relationship is so carefree and silly. Love you guys to bits! Thank you all so much for your support and kind words that you leave us whether on our videos or on Instagram. We see it and appreciate it. Have an awesome and safe weekend. Especially now as  Halloween is right around the corner. Really excited for that. We’re going to have a Halloween video for you guys just not sure if it will go up before Halloween yet. Sound off below and let us know what you want to see us do = D


Jess n T

Victoria Secrets Giveaway


Happy Columbus Day dolls. Let’s enjoy it while we can. Apparently soon it will no longer be a holiday. I heard it was already implemented in California. No days off of work or school on our west coast. Not sure how factual this information is but thought I’d share. Doesn’t really affect me anyhow. I don’t think I’ve ever been off on Columbus day lol. I know some of you are with me on that ; )


Just wanted to remind you there’s still time to enter to win this Victoria Secrets giveaway. It has the cutest and sexiest undies, bras and corsets. This giveaway only happened because we couldn’t fit into any of it lol. We loved these pieces sooooo much. We’re very fortunate to be able to have this opportunity to share these brand new goodies with you guys. Youtube is the best outlet out there for us. Tomorrow we’re filming with a new Youtuber and very good friend Tori. Very excited for this collaboration. You guys are going to love her. She’s extremely bubbly and talented. She’s an artist as well as a reality tv star.


Her YouTube name is Tori Deal if you want to go check her out. Don’t forget to enter through the gleam link in the description bar and share this video with a friend which is the best way to show us your love and support. We love you guys and see all that movement happening in our back office. Enjoy the rest of your week and Happy Fall = D


Jess n T

Everyday Everything Girl Stuff Giveaway

Happy Fall Dolls,

I said it before and I’ll say it again we’re killing it with our giveaways! We have three going on right now and much more to come. Make sure you enter to win all of them. The Victoria Secrets one got lots and lots of love. We knew it would. What girl doesn’t just love Victoria Secrets. It’s not about being sexy for a man because who needs a mans approval. It’s about being sexy for your self. We both fell in love with these new brand new pieces but it wasn’t our size. Unfortunate for us but lucky for you lol.


The last giveaway that we posted was a bunch of essentials that every female needs. Right down to the cute little Victoria Secrets wristlet to carry some of it in ; ) The best part about our giveaways is that you can enter to win all of them because it doesn’t matter how many times you win. The giveaway before it was all clothes for just about every occasion. We still have our product reviews and DIY stuff coming soon. We just wanted to do all the giveaways first.


As always we love and appreciate every single one of you. Thank you for your love and support. It means the world to us. As long as we’re able to we will continue to do as many giveaways as possible. Hugs and kisses and I hope everyone enjoys what’s left of the weekend.


Jess n T


Giveaways Giveaways and more Giveaways!

Hello dolls. I hope you are all ready for more giveaways! We’re beginning the week on a positive and happy note. Since we were so behind with our videos and blog posts. We decided to contact you instead of waiting for you to watch the video to find out if you won or not. We figured we made you wait long enough lol. You guys were awesome in getting back to us. We didn’t even have to repick as much as usual.


We have more fun giveaways for you to enjoy and enter for your chance to win. We’ve been seeing in our back office people entering for others not just themselves which we LOVED! That’s what truly makes us happy. Selfless deeds = ) We have two sexy giveaways  coming up. A little something that we’ve never done before. You guys are going to love this one. Especially if it’s in your size and you’re the lucky winner. We just wanted to switch it up and keep it fresh for you dolls.


Stay tuned they will be coming up. I can’t wait to see everyone’s reaction to these new giveaways. With so much tragedy that we have been experiencing in the world it’s hard to keep our spirits up. I’m Puerto Rican so the tragedy that happened in Puerto Rico hit me hard and just makes me count my blessings any be grateful for everything especially being able to do what I love which is sharing our life with all of you. Makes us just want to do more and more giveaways. Help out anyone that we can. This tragedy in Las Vegas that just happened today that is being called the worst mass shooting in US history and unfortunately didn’t come as a shock when I heard the news. This is happening more and more and there is nothing anyone can do about it. It’s really soul shattering. Our thoughts and prayers to everyone in Las Vegas, Puerto Rico, Texas and Mexico. All lives matter.

Love you guys. We will see you in our next video or post.

Spreading Peace and Love,

Jess n T